Stress Counselling Glasgow

Stress Management

The Stress Counselling Service is specifically aimed at promoting the wellbeing of the individual concerned and can, in addition, focus on:

  • COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL TECHNIQUES - to address Negative and Irrational thought patterns
  • EMDR - adaptive to Trauma situations

There are a wide variety of contributing factors that adds to our stress. Unmanaged, this stress can continue to build and affect both our physical and psychological well-being. MGTHERAPY stress counselling in Glasgow is specifically set up to offer the opportunity of  improving  one's wellbeing  by dealing with past and present issues that may be contributing to this stress.

Within the provision of the stress counselling service, the problems underlying this stress build up are addressed, alongside strategies aimed at reducing  stress and improving our mental health and well-being.

Stress can affect us in many ways. It can affect sleeping patterns and eating habits - impacting further on overall well-being and functioning ability -  and can result in serious conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions including heart attacks and brain and central nervous system problems. This increases the relevance of addressing those risk areas within the stress counselling service and help prevent such serious consequences.

In addition to the physical impact of stress, the psychological impact can be significant and result in potential illnesses and conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, motivational issues, increased agitation and anger and esteem / confidence issues. This in turn affects overall functioning in our personal, social and work lives and highlights the importance of dealing with these issues within this counselling service.

The utilisation of MGTHERAPY counselling service in Glasgow can assist in enabling individuals regain control of their life, and aim to greatly reduce the negative and harmful effects of stress. The counselling service will also help provide coping strategies  aimed at minimising the risk of future build ups and a more effective management of stress and stress-related situations - aiming to develop a more balanced individual and accompanying lifestyle.